Large Tulip Tumbler
Large Tulip Tumbler
Large Tulip Tumbler
Large Tulip Tumbler
Large Tulip Tumbler
Large Tulip Tumbler

Large Tulip Tumbler

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Perfect for wine or your morning coffee, this tulip-shaped tumbler was inspired by vessels of west Slavic origin. It was common for a few centuries in settlements across Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and southern Scandinavia. The exterior is incised and filled with a slip inlay, following the Mishima decoration technique. The interior surface is glazed. The body is high-fired stoneware, so it‘s safe for your microwave and dishwasher.

Holds 16 oz.
4.5 inches tall
3.25 inch diameter at the mouth

As every item is handmade, please expect some small variations in size, decoration and glazing.

Our glazes

We finish the interiors of our vessels with a variety of food and microwave-safe glazes. Each item is handmade and kiln fired, which leads to some beautiful variations between batches. The examples below will give you a good idea of what your piece will look like.

Turkish Blue

Inspired by the streets of Istanbul, this cerulean blue ranges from an oceany azure to a dark sky blue.


Bright like a ruby-red fall apple. This is a deep, consistent glaze. Full of drama.


Minty and mossy green. This glaze is in the same family as Aegean, but takes on a greener hue.


A lovely variegated glaze. It‘s turquoise when applied thicky and shifts to to amber on high, thinner spots.


A stunning blue-green variegated glaze. It features a high-shine lacquer finish.


A snowy, icy white glaze. Vessels finished in alabaster have a modern Scandinavian feel. Minimal yet elegant


Blue black like the night sky, with flecks of lighter gray. This glaze reminds us of stargazing on hot July nights.


Forest green with flecks of blue and amber, we named this glaze after our favorite conifer – and gin aromatic.


Our newest glaze. A stunning, high-shine ultramarine blue, like its namesake metamorphic rock.

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