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Our story

We began Feed The Ravens in 2010 while living and working in Germany. Between our day jobs, we traveled extensively and made friends with several craftspeople in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. We worked closely with them, commissioning specific replicas of archaeological finds. They were, and continue to be, master artisans in jewelry making, blacksmithing, weaving, woodworking and bone carving. We sell their work alongside our leatherwork and ceramics. 

As our business grew, we shifted away from replicas to designing and making original, modern home objects and wearables inspired by our study of ancient history and archaeology. We left our jobs in 2014, moved home to the United States and became full-time artisans. We still travel to Europe every year to connect with our friends, collect unique items, and explore Europe's extensive craft heritage.


Maggie King

Leather and ornament

Scot King

No Nazis.

We find it alarming that white supremacists are actively taking Viking Age symbols out of their historical context and using them as symbols of hate. We, and other reenactors/historians, must resist this so that Norse culture is not lost to misappropriation by racist ideology. We recognize that because we make and sell crafts associated with Norse and Viking Age history, some people may mistakenly associate us with right-wing white supremacist culture, so we hereby state publicly that we condemn bigotry and racism in any and all forms. We support civil and human rights and welcome all people into our booth, our shop and our lives, ....unless they identify as Nazis.