We are Maggie and Scot King, husband and wife team making and hunting quality hand made crafts, made to traditional old European standards. Maggie is a Potter, with a BFA in ceramics from the Cleveland Institute of art. She recreates historical ceramics, and one of a kind beaded necklaces inspired by Viking, Slavic, and Baltic finds from the 9th to 11th centuries.

Scot is a Viking. He was clearly born in the wrong age, and spends his life traveling to reorient himself in the modern one. He spends a lot of time in Central and Eastern Europe, seeking other like minded craftsmen creating one of a kind hand made objects like himself.

Scot enjoys making hand sewn leather bags and belts based on finds of the Viking age. He uses only hand spun linen thread, often antique spools picked up in various European flea markets. All of the leather he uses comes from Europe, and usually right here in Germany, he uses natural tanned skin, and even hand cuts his own leather thong. He has been seen on the New York City subway, the Moscow, Warsaw, and Budapest Metros hand cutting leather thong with hand forged scissors, or hand sewing a bag.

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